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M60 Electric Rosin Press (No Air, No Hydraulics, No Manual Labour)

The ROSINBOMB M-60 is a monumental leap forward in solventless rosin production. Designed with our Patent Pending Flow Channel Technology™, FDA approved diamond-hard coated press plates, users can now press continually without stopping to scrape and collect the yield.

Our proprietary Conversion Plate is included with the purchase of your M-60 rosin press.The revolutionary ROSINBOMB M60 easily transforms into a traditional single action press for those times when you want to run a sample batch or just merely want to press a small amount of material. Simply installed without the need for tools or fasteners the conversion plate slides right over the bottom flow channel plate. Custom designed of high quality aluminum it fits snugly with very little effort. You are now ready to process in traditional mode of press then gather. Remember to always install, remove  and clean the plate when the press is cool. Clean with a soft cloth and some  isopropyl  alcohol (91 percent recommended).
Lastly when pressing with the conversion plate we recommend using high quality parchment paper, even when using press bags for optimum results.
Anticipated yield:
10g-15g material per pressing @ 15-20% average yield = 2-3g concentrate per pressing x ~30 presses per hour = 60-90g yield per hour.*

* All yields are estimates based on a number of variables including: Quality of material, types of rosin bags used, pressing temperatures etc.

100% organic and solventless extraction
Patent Pending Flow Channel™ Plate Technology – non-stick, FDA approved food grade, diamond hard coating
Plug and press out of the box technology
Elegant design and simple operation
Fully electric, self contained, 3-prong power supply
No compressor, hydraulics, separate electric pump or hand crank required
Electric power operation is smoother, quieter, cleaner and more efficient to operate than pneumatic or hydraulic presses
Solid state / UL components
6,000 pounds of pressure actuated by a simple one button touch operation
Up to 15 grams of material per press
Continuous rapid press production – No Stopping, No paper = no scraping!
Nonstop flow, self gathering into non-stick FDA food grade collection trays
Easy clean out
Compact at 17" tall, weighing 60 lbs
Minimal training and maintenance required
Manufactured in the USA


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